Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bringing the Weird to the HRC Ticket

There are news articles saying that Hillary and The Machine are looking for someone well versed in National Security.  They are saying that Bubba is pushing for Tom Kaine.  These are wrong.  She needs someone Weird.

This election cycle has been one of the weirdest in this writer's memory.  Certainly the weirdest since I became politically conscious enough to follow politics at all.  And Trump is maybe the weirdest part.  He bought himself a Hollywood walk of fame star, presumably for his 'work' on "The Apprentice".  His tweets are ... I'm not sure weird does them justice.  And there's the hair.

His VP pick, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, is not weird.  He may be a lot of things, but for a candidate, he is a career politician with experience managing an executive office.  His the kind of person you would expect a major party candidate to pick for Vice President.  He is not weird.  Hillary is the Mike Pence of her ticket.  She also is not weird.  She needs someone who can close the weird gap.  Someone who can bring the weird and balance the ticket.

Closing the Weird Gap

What are my weirdness qualifications?  First off, I'm writing this series of posts asking to be Vice President.  I am a nobody in the political world (or in lots of other worlds... they have no idea who I am on Margathea or on Frogstar Planet B.)  Also, I make Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy references.  That's at least Megadodo Junior Editor achievement in weird.

My second piece of evidence is my Instagram profile.  It consists of nothing but pictures of blue post-it notes with nonsense quotes on them.  Instead of telling a story with pictures, I'm taking pictures of words.  Weird.

Finally, I'm not going to give you a third instance of being weird, thereby violating the 'Rule of Three' principle of writing.  Which is weird.

Hire me Hill-Bear.  I want to help you close the weird gap.


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