Monday, April 4, 2016

The Internet of Potatoes

An App? The Switch is Right. There.

There have been a few people who have questioned the point of the first world smart home.  They claim that while the energy savings is nice, it isn't significant.  The security is nice, but it comes with its own set of not-so-secure issues.  So, really, they ask, isn't the point of a smart home so that you can spend more time on the couch or in bed instead of getting up and doing?  To which I reply:

Yes, and your point?

The article tagged above about the laziness of the Internet of things goes on to talk about the bifurcation of consumer connected devices: wearables are aimed at getting us to move more yet smart switches and appliances are designed to allow us to move less.  What the article ignores is the concept of 'prioritization.'

Won't Someone Think of the Grey Cells?

One of the many points of IoT is to allow us to concentrate more on the things that are important to us and less on the hassles.  To stop wasting portions of our mind on mindless details that are better taken care of by mindless things.

If I want to watch a movie on my TV, why shouldn't the TV know to dim the lights?  That's a hassle that keeps me from concentrating on the movie.  Getting a notification that my laundry is done saves me time and keeps my clothes fresher, while remembering to check them at a particular time without notification is a recipe for failure.  Could I dim the lights?  Yes.  Could I remember to change my laundry by myself?  Yes.  But there are probably better ways for me to spend my time.  For instance, optimizing my exercise routine and getting usable data that tells me if I'm hitting my goals.


What I'm really talking about is the ability to identify and focus in on critical tasks.  What is important for me/you/them/it to do RIGHT NOW.  Work?  Then don't let your environment distract you.  But also don't let the lack of a perfect environment keep you from delivering your best.  Relaxing?  Then relax like there will never be another moment in which to chill.  Let everything else take care of itself.

Because now it can.

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