Monday, February 22, 2016

And So IoS Begins


Welcome to the Internet of Schmoid.  A blog about... stuff I'm interested in.  Mostly connected devices aimed at the retail/e-tail consumer though I reserve the right to write about almost anything:
Cars, cordcutting, ISPs, DIY projects (and not just Raspberry Pi and Arduino things, but also more basic home improvement and anything else that I'm proud of), renewable energy, TV shows, books, and writing.
I'll try (not very hard) to stay away from Politics and Religion (P&R from here on out), not because I'm afraid of offending anyone, but because I don't have firm beliefs on either and don't care to.
I intend to be irreverent about these topics.  Snarky.  I believe that if you can't make fun of something (and there's always something to make fun of), then it isn't worth caring about.  I certainly include myself in the list of targets (so I can love myself? Eh, I'll go with it) as it is a first-person perspective on these things and I am far from infallible.  I invite you to comment and tell me just how infallible I am being (and also invite you to offer more than criticism and include a better path).
So what gives me the right to comment/post/blog/put-myself-out-there on connected devices?  Mostly, because I have a keyboard and internet connection and know (sort of) how to use them.  Also, I've spent more than twenty years in consumer electronics, first working retail show floors and then working for a multi-national CE manufacturer.  I'll spare naming them as I'm not sure that they would appreciate it (and they can afford better lawyers than I can).  It also allows me to both praise and criticism them and appear moderately objective (though I think objectivity may have already gone out the window.  An automated window with transparent LCD displays and solar glass, but it still opens and objectivity can still be defenestrated).  I'm sure that with a little internet sleuthing, you can figure it all out.  But what's the point?  That's not who I am here.
I'll try to have new posts out weekly.  Try hard.  The focus will be on what's been going on the previous week that I feel is noteworthy and fits the 'flow' of the post.  Some topics I hope to cover in the opening months include:
If there's something else that you'd like me to comment on, please leave a note in the comments.
That's it for now.

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